Tuesday, January 30, 2018


$100 Closet Makeover | www.sprinkledwithcolor.com

It's the last week of the the $100 Room Challenge and time for the big reveal!  In the previous two weeks we had installed a coat rod on one side of the closet, and wall hooks, a shelf and the door organizer on the other side.  We also painted the stripes on the wall last week (tutorial here).

This week I spray painted the baskets to the door organizer gold:

$100 Closet Makeover | www.sprinkledwithcolor.com

I also found some bins for the top shelf.  I looked at Target and Michaels and they had cute options but on a whim I also stopped by the Dollar Tree and they had these fabric bins for only $1 each!  They are the perfect size to store seasonal items and we have a bin for swimming accessories, winter hats and gloves, and summer toys.

$100 Closet Makeover | www.sprinkledwithcolor.com

The last addition was a rug that we originally had by our kitchen sink. 

$100 Closet Makeover | www.sprinkledwithcolor.com

The total cost that we spent updating the closet is as follows:
Pole sockets for the closet rod: $6
Bike hook (which we are no longer using): $1
Door organizer: $44
Gold spray paint: $6.50
Baskets: $4

Which brings me to a total of $61.50!  We did shop around our house for some of the items like the rug and the wall hooks and shelf to keep this under budget.  Overall, I'm pretty happy with the space and it is super functional now with all the storage organizers.  Most importantly, I was able to make this our coat closet with the new closet rod and that was our main goal from the start!  

$100 Closet Makeover | www.sprinkledwithcolor.com

Thanks for following along on this challenge and here are some more amazing transformations from all the other lovely bloggers:

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


5 easy tips to painting stripes | www.sprinkledwithcolor.com

Striped walls are nothing new, but the preppy clean look is always a classic.  We decided to paint our coat closet with wide stripes to inject some personality into an otherwise small and cluttered space.  Even though it may be one of the smallest areas of the house, we use the closet daily and it's nice to see a space you love, especially one that you see every day.

There are a lot of tutorials out there on how to paint stripes, but here are my top five takeaways from undergoing this project to make it an easier and more fun process.

1) Decide on the width of your stripes.  The rule of the thumb is that you measure the height of the wall from floor to ceiling and divide it by the number of stripes you want.  It is always nice to use an odd number of rows, i.e. divide by 5 rows if you want wide stripes, 9 rows for thin stripes.  I ended up using 7 rows for our closet, which made each row approximately 13" wide.

5 easy tips to painting stripes | www.sprinkledwithcolor.com

The nice thing if you divide by an odd number is that you can leave both the top and bottom rows unpainted.  This way you do not have to tape up the ceiling or any baseboards or moldings which saves you a lot of time and energy.

Lastly, when taping off your stripes start from the ceiling down.  Even if you are off slightly with your measurements the difference will be in the bottom layer which is harder to notice. Plus, no one will ever break out a ruler to measure your stripes so even if the last row is larger or smaller by an inch it will be undetectable to the eye.

5 easy tips to painting stripes | www.sprinkledwithcolor.com

I also used a bit of tape to mark off the stripes that need to be painted.  It's just an easy visual reference.

2) Use a good quality painters tape.  For our project we had leftover painters tape from both 3M and Scotch from previous projects and I ended up using both.  I started with 3M and when that ran out I used the Scotch.  I found that the Scotch tape preformed better and was easier to remove as well. 

When you tape make sure you use your finger or the edge of a credit card to press along the entire edge of tape on the side that you are painting to ensure there are no gaps where the paint might bleed underneath. 

Lastly, you don't want to leave the tape up for too long.  I started taping and then got sidetracked for a few days before coming back to the project.  The older tape was a little bit more difficult to remove.

3) A laser level is a must!  The area we painted was small and I think we could have gotten away with marking out the stripes on both sides and then taping but a laser level made the process so much easier (and for a bigger wall it is definitely a must have).  We just marked one side of the wall with a a small pencil mark and then lined up the laser level and taped off each stripe.  Since we had two adjoining walls, once we taped one wall we used the laser level again on the other end of the wall to match up the stripes on the second wall.   And remember, it doesn't have to be exactly perfect.  You don't have to make sure the level is 100% perfect - if it looks straight to your naked eye and the bubble is close to the center then you are good to go. 

5 easy tips to painting stripes | www.sprinkledwithcolor.com

4) Make sure you have enough paint for two coats.  It's hard getting a color match on your paint, and even two different batches of the same color might not be exactly the same.  Speaking of paint, while I like the matte look, I always get satin or eggshell finish.  With matte finish, any scruff or mark shows up on the paint and it's hard to clean.  The glossier the paint the easier it is to clean, but conversely it is harder to do touch ups and the paint will highlight imperfections in your wall.  I find satin a good compromise between the two.

5) Remove the tape when the paint is still wet.  If you wait until the paint dries before your remove your tape, it is likely to pull off little pieces of paint with it which will ruin your clean line.  And another painting tip: don't load up your roller or brush with too much paint.  After you dip it, roll the roller a few times in the tray before painting.  And if you use a brush just dip the tip in and not the whole brush.  This way you won't get lots of drips and you won't get brush or roller marks because of of the excess paint.  Speaking of paint drips, as soon as you notice one, wipe it off immediately with a wet paper towel.  If you do it before the paint starts to dry you can usually easily remove it.

5 easy tips to painting stripes | www.sprinkledwithcolor.com

5 easy tips to painting stripes | www.sprinkledwithcolor.com

It honestly is a quick and easy project.  Happy painting!


This is Week 3 of the 100 Room Challenge.   Finally, I am adding some organizational items to the space.  The back of the closet we will be still be keeping as storage.  We added a coat rack last week.  And this week we added two sets of wall hooks, a floating shelf for added storage, and a storage rack to the inside of the closet door.  Whew.  That was a LOT of drilling going on.  I can't complain because I was the one that just pointed where I wanted things and all the elbow grease came from my husband.  Thanks babe!

The floating shelf and the wall hooks we were able to scavenge from the laundry room in our previous house.  But we did buy the door shelf unit and that took a big chunk of our budget at $43.98.  Yikes!  I was trying to think of cuter options for the shelf rack but functionality won out.  It will be nice to corral miscellaneous seasonal items like hats and gloves and sunscreen in it.  I thought I had the brilliant idea of using adhesive shelf liner to wrap the wire bins to give it a faux wood look, but as evidenced below that was a big fail!   

It looks like what it was, which is basically a giftwrapped basket.  Does anyone have any ideas to make wire baskets look cuter?

Speaking of fails, I have another one.  Last week we installed the coat rod and I was thinking the decorative ledge in the closet would be a perfect place to put it.  But when we started to actually hang our coats on the rod I realized we placed it too close to the entry of the doorway.  It makes the closet look very small, and the jackets hang past the door frame which makes it look even more cluttered.

My amazing husband was kind enough to move the rod back a few inches into the sloped section of the closet.  The few inches made all the difference and the jackets do not protrude out into entry way any longer.  Lessons learned! A little spackling paste and paint to cover the old holes and problem solved.

Total budget spent of our allocated $100:
Pole sockets for closet rod: $6
Bike hook (which we no longer are using): $1
Door organizer: $44

Which makes it a total of $52.  Our plans for next week is to give the closet a bit more personality by painting it and to get some storage baskets for the shelf!

Monday, January 8, 2018


I'm finally ready to tackle our closet, aka the dumping ground for all things we want to hide!  First things first, we did a total clean out of the closet.  Surprisingly it can actually fit a lot of storage items as evidenced below:

Eeks!  Look at all the things we have been just throwing in there haphazardly.   After cleaning it out, we decided to keep seasonal items like holiday decorations as well as our empty luggage in the tapered section of the closet.  

For the entrance to the closet we are installing our long sought after coat rod.   Hopefully the coats will help hide all the items we are storing in the back!  Because we are hanging heavy winter coats on the rod and we could not find any wall studs where we wanted to install the rod, we also installed a hook (a regular bicycle hook) in the middle to help support the rod.  

The rod itself is leftover wood that we had from installing other closet rods in our bedroom closets.  We just used the regular saw station at Home Depot to hand saw the rod to the correct length.  We did purchase the pole sockets ($6) and the bicycle hook ($1) to help support the rod in place.  Next step is to install some coat hangers and organizers on the other side of the entrance to the closet.  I can't wait to get organized!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


I'm excited to take part of another $100 Room Challenge hosted by Lemons, Lavender and Laundry.  Basically we have one month to makeover one room in the house for under $100!  This time I'm tackling our under the stairs storage closet.  It's very unglamourous and very small but our house does not have a coat closet (what?!) and so I have high hopes of transforming this space into something more functional even the space might not ever look as pretty as I would like.

Since I was too excited to get started on the project (New Year's goal to get organized) I forgot to take a before shot of the closet.

But the plan is to 1) Clean it out!  Right now it is a resting place of some unpacked boxes from when we moved in 6 months ago, lots of shoes, backpacks and basically things we just throw in to do a speedy decluttering of the house when we have guests over (mostly toys - sorry kids!)

2) Add a wall of hooks to hang said backpacks and maybe shelves to store all loose items like hats, sunglasses, etc.

3) Add a coat rod to hang all of our jackets.  What house doesn't come with a coat closet?  Apparently we were 'lucky' to find the only one without one.  =)

4) Spruce up the place with a bit of paint.  I would love to add artwork but the space is really small and it would ideally function as both a storage and coat closet so I doubt you would even see the walls after we get done storing our items in it.  But we shall see!

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