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Monday, April 10, 2017


I have a wonderful friend who has an amazing job staging homes and sometimes I tag along and help her with the staging process.  This was a house with a smaller footprint and we wanted to give it a modern urban feel.  I love the exposed brick wall in the open floor plan which gives the living and dining room character and lends great texture.

Modern Urban Living Room - Mix of contemporary and cozy for your living space |

A mix of brown and black and white accents, along with the warmth of the wood, helps offset the industrial feel and makes the room cozy but modern at the same time.

Modern Urban Dining Room - Mix of contemporary and cozy for your living space |

Modern Urban Kitchen - Mix of contemporary and cozy for your living space |

Lots of natural light and fun modern light fixtures give all the rooms a bright airy feeling.  Contemporary furniture and prints mix with the wall of curtains to give the same modern but soft cozy feel to the bedroom as well.

Modern Bedroom - Mix of contemporary and cozy for your living space |

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Now that it's getting warmer, I'm excited to share some simple ways to bring the beautiful outdoors into your home.

This is a beautiful tutorial to make a tulip wreath and for sure will put a smile on everyone who enters the house. Such a welcoming way to invite people to your home!

wreath tutorial

I love dressing up the mantel, and this is such a easy way to decorate your home for the season.  Just a few flowers or sprigs of blooms placed around the fireplace can make a serious impact.

spring mantel

Love how fresh fruit and flowers can be incorporated to make a big statement.  You can always use flowers from your own backyard or fruit have on hand to brighten your kitchen in no time.

spring decor

Decorating your home for the season can be as simple as changing up some throw pillows in your living room.  I love the colors that she used - from the rug to the pillows, to the blanket and table tray. It is such a fresh take on spring. 

spring decor

The tablescape below is just so beautiful.  I love the bright colors and whimsical touches!

easter table

And lastly in our home we just placed a few sprigs of flowers from our own front yard and pared them with some simple figurines around our home.  My kids love birds so they were very happy to see a few of them sitting on our mantle!

spring mantel
spring mantel

And a few bunnies also popped by.  I like having decor that I can reuse from year to year.  And these can also be used outdoors as lawn ornaments as well.

spring decor
easter decor
spring mantel

That's it for now.  Hope you all enjoy your spring weekend!

Friday, March 24, 2017


There is a empty space in between our kitchen and family room that I have been wanting to fill with something simple.  Since Pinterest is always my go to place for inspiration, I found an easy DIY project that only took an hour or two to complete.  That is definitely my kind of project!

Penny Letters


Only two steps are required to create these easy penny letters.  Paint and glue baby.

Since this was going in our kitchen I originally wanted to penny up the word Cucina or Brunch or something to that effect but then I realized that we had letters leftover from our sun Ethan's old nursery.  Here is to upcycling and to free!  There were two options that I could make from these letters: TEA or EAT (and given that we don't actually drink any tea but absolutely do plenty of eating, I think you know what I ended up going with.  Although to be honest, if this word were to represent us it would really say CHOCOLATE or ICE CREAM instead).

penny letters

The first step was to repaint the letters a copper color so that the edges and base color would match the pennies that would be laid down on top.  The color I used was a DecoArt Dazzling Metallic paint called Worn Pennywhich you can find at any Michaels.

This was after three coats.  In retrospect, I think spray painting spray painting the letters would have been much faster.
penny letters

Then, once the paint was dry, it was time to add the pennies.  Glue, glue, and glue away.  I ended up scattering three layers of pennies to ensure all the bare spots were covered and to give it a bit of texture.  Highly recommend using E6000glue as it worked really well.

penny letters

And here is the finished result!

penny letters

penny letters

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